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Robin Underhill asked me to create a basic tutorial about ImageReady rollovers, so I've made three rollovers for you in the 'zo banner above (Portal, Forum and Gallery). Give them a try!
I'll show you how to create these rollovers in the tutorial.

A rollover changes appearance when a mouse rolls over it, letting a web site visitor know when a word or image is a link to another web page. Rollovers make perfect navigation bars (navbars) within your web site. ImageReady makes the creation of rollovers very easy. When you bought Photoshop, you got ImageReady with it on the same CD.

I've put the tutorial on an Adobe PDF. To view it, you’ll need the current version of Adobe Reader®. You probably already have it, but if you experience any problems, you can download it here:

Get Adobe Reader


About the tutorial format

The Adobe PDF can be read here on the web, or you can download it to your computer and read it there at your leisure off line. You will need to zoom in on the illustrations to see what I’m describing. Just use the magnifier tool at the top of your PDF window.

You’ll see several web links on the PDF; they’re “live,” you can click on them and the link will open in your web browser. I’ve used a horizontal format because that fits your monitor.

The seven pages are the right size to print out, too (you'll notice I’ve left room at the top for your 3-hole punch), however I haven’t figured out how to keep the links live when you print them out. ;~)

Enjoy this PDF and share it with your friends, but it is copyrighted and not to be reproduced whole or in part by any means without my written permission. In short, don’t make any money from it, ‘cause I’m not. OK?

< Here's the tutorial (1.8 MB) PDF >