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To convey the concept of barrel tasting (tasting wines drawn from the barrel into your glass) to advertise a barrel tasting event, I created the photo at the left, below:

I combined the two photos at the right to get the image I wanted.
This Photoshop masking method is explained in one of my tutorials

I had a 19"x28" framed enlargement of this barrel tasting image made to hang next to the three-bottle photo (previous page). A copy of this enlargement now hangs in the Tangley Oaks Mansion, headquarters of Terlato Wines International in Lake Bluff, Illinois.


I combined twelve vertical photos to create this 16"x60" vineyard panorama. It depicts the first crop of the Terlato Family Vineyards estate vineyard just above Rutherford Hill Winery. A copy of this panorama hangs in Tangley Oaks as well.


I was flown to Sanford Winery and Vineyards near Santa Barbara, CA in a chartered plane specifically to photograph the historic Sanford and Benedict vineyard for Wine Enthusiast magazine. During the four hours I was there, I took quite a few other photos.

Several of those other photos were printed and are now decorating the walls of Sanford's beautiful tasting room. That panorama I'm holding is five feet wide by twenty-two inches.


I was given a crystal decanter to photograph. The only difficulty was that the background hadn't been decided upon. Perhaps they'd use the decanter against different backgrounds on various occasions, so would I please just "remove the background." Here is the decanter with the background removed and a bottle distorted behind it. Now any image can be placed behind the decanter.

The clear decanter showed up best against a dark background and the bottle against a light background, so here I've used a gradient.


I illustrated most of my graphics with photos, but sometimes a line drawing did the job better, so I just changed my photo into a line drawing:

Line drawing from photo


When Chimney Rock's online shopping cart was launched, I created a graphic intended to convey the idea:

Order wine online


When I took the Rutherford Hill 2004 Family Photo (below), only 30 employees were able to attend the first photo session. I photographed 21 more people at later dates and put them into the photo.

Roll your mouse over this image to see the original photo.

Rutherford Hill 2004 Family

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Rutherford Hill Winery, Chimney Rock Winery, Alderbrook Winery and the Terlato Wine Group
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