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Creating a replacement for your missing jigsaw puzzle piece

I hear from many jigsaw puzzle fans how very frustrating it is to put together a puzzle and then realize itís missing one or more pieces.

What use is an incomplete puzzle? Iíve come up with a solution.


Bruce with puzzle piece

All it takes is a computer, a color printer and a scanner (and some other minor items listed in the tutorial).

Most people donít have Adobe Photoshop, so Iíve made one free tutorial that explains the procedure in Photoshop and another free tutorial that explains how to do it with GIMP, software which is free. You just download it to your computer and install it and follow the free tutorial.

Here's a two-minute video overview of the process:


I suggest you download these tutorials to your own computer because, although this website has been active for two decades, it won't be up forever. Please feel free to share them with your friends.

Here’s the free Photoshop missing puzzle piece tutorial:

and here’s the free tutorial for those who do not have Photoshop:

I know I've used the word "free" a lot here, but people think I'm charging for them otherwise.

Two Tutorials Tutorial for Photoshop GIMP tutorial

Now that I have a way of making replacement puzzle pieces, I'm packing this note in puzzle boxes before I pass them along. This will enable others to do this if a piece later goes missing. I've posted a 4-up copy of the note for anyone else who wants to do so:

A pop-up easel to hold your puzzle box lid

pop-up easel

When working on a jigsaw puzzle, I like to consult the completed picture on the lid of the box the puzzle came in. Having an easel for the lid tilts the picture at a convenient angle and takes up less space on the table.
My previous versions of puzzle box lid easels worked fine in use, but couldn’t fold for storage or shipment with a gift puzzle. This version folds flat and can easily be modified to be a 5x7” greeting card appropriate for giving someone a puzzle for an occasion.


Here's a sturdy box top easel you can make from thicker cardboard, but it doesn't fold.

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printable note with link to this page